15 South Carolina Lawmakers Rally Behind DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Receives 15 Endorsements from South Carolina Lawmakers

Boosting Support in South Carolina

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has gained significant support from South Carolina lawmakers ahead of his town hall event in North Augusta. The DeSantis campaign made the endorsements public on Thursday, aiming to bolster his support in the state. The governor’s leadership and commitment to defending freedom have made Florida a refuge for those seeking liberty in the face of ongoing attacks.

State Senator Josh Kimbrell, one of the lawmakers endorsing DeSantis, praised the governor’s achievements, stating, “No Republican in the country has beaten the radical left more than Governor DeSantis.” He also emphasized that DeSantis is the only candidate in the race who can effectively defeat Joe Biden, restore energy to the executive branch, and deliver on a bold conservative agenda that resonates with Republicans throughout South Carolina.

Strong Backing from State Representatives and Senators

In total, 15 South Carolina lawmakers have declared their support for Governor DeSantis in his bid for the Republican Party nomination. This endorsement spree includes 11 state representatives and four state senators. Their backing reinforces DeSantis’ growing prominence in an increasingly crowded field of Republican presidential candidates.

The list of South Carolina endorsements for Ron DeSantis includes:

  1. State Senators Josh Kimbrell, Dwight Loftis, Rex Rice, and Danny Verdin.
  2. State Representatives Gary Brewer, Micah Caskey, Bill Herbkersman, Bill Hixon, Brandon Guffey, Steven Long, Travis Moore, Dennis Moss, Chris Murphy, Roger Nutt, and Ashley Trantham.

The Competitive 2024 GOP Presidential Nomination Race

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is currently one of the two most prominent Republican candidates, alongside former President Donald Trump. Their positions in the race have solidified, with Trump leading the pack and DeSantis following closely behind. However, other Republican contenders are polling in the single digits, unable to match the popularity and support of the two front-runners.

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South Carolina’s Other Republican Candidates

While Governor DeSantis and former President Trump have emerged as the top contenders, two other Republican presidential candidates hail from South Carolina. Former Ambassador Nikki Haley and Senator Tim Scott also have strong ties to the state. It remains to be seen how this dynamic will unfold in the coming months as the campaign intensifies.

A Formidable Alliance: Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis

The alliance between former President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis is worth noting. Despite some ideological overlap, the duo brings different strengths and attributes to the table. Trump’s White House campaign, which launched in November, has positioned him as the commanding front-runner in national and New Hampshire public opinion polls for the GOP nomination. On the other hand, DeSantis has consistently secured second place in these polls, demonstrating his appeal and popularity among Republican voters.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has received a significant boost in support ahead of his town hall event in North Augusta, South Carolina. Fifteen state lawmakers, including senators and representatives, have publicly endorsed DeSantis, solidifying his position as a top candidate in the 2024 GOP presidential nomination race. With the support of influential South Carolina politicians, DeSantis aims to cement his status as a formidable contender alongside former President Donald Trump. As the campaign continues to unfold, the actions and endorsements of South Carolina’s other Republican candidates, Nikki Haley and Tim Scott, should not be underestimated.