Biden’s Ukraine Trip Precedes Suspect Holiday Party

by Ethan Roberts
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Journal Press: Hunter Biden’s Business Partners Connected to Burisma Attended Vice President Biden’s Holiday Party

Hunter Biden and his business partners, who had ties to Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, attended a holiday party hosted by then-vice president Joe Biden just after his return from Ukraine in December 2015. This revelation raises questions about Biden’s knowledge of his son’s business dealings and adds to the ongoing scrutiny surrounding Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma. Records reviewed by Fox News Digital reveal the connection between the Biden family and the controversial Ukrainian company, shedding new light on the situation.

Biden’s Pressure on Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor

During his time as vice president, Joe Biden traveled to Ukraine and famously put pressure on the country’s leaders to fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma’s founder, Mykola Zlochevsky. Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid if Shokin was not fired. Biden’s defenders have claimed that Shokin was fired because he was too lax in pursuing corruption, rather than too aggressive.

Holiday Party Attended by Hunter and Business Partners

Shortly after returning from Ukraine, Joe Biden hosted a holiday party at the vice president’s Naval observatory residence on December 12, 2015. Records reveal that Hunter Biden and several of his business partners from Rosemont Seneca Partners, his now-dissolved investment firm, were also in attendance. White House visitor logs indicate that Hunter visited the White House on the same day, accompanied by Rosemont Seneca co-founder Devon Archer, Rosemont Seneca President Eric Schwerin, and Sebastian Momtazi, an associate of the firm. Archer and Momtazi had email addresses associated with Burisma.

Biden’s Knowledge of Business Dealings

While the visitor logs do not explicitly state that the business partners were attending the vice presidential party, they do mention a “holiday reception.” Moreover, a White House aide sent Hunter Biden a schedule of his dad’s upcoming holiday parties, which included a mention of a “Holiday Reception (Misc.)” on December 12, 2015. These details shed doubt on Joe Biden’s repeated claims of having no knowledge of Hunter’s business dealings.

Emails About Burisma Before Party

Emails exchanged between Hunter Biden and his partners just days before the party reveal discussions about Burisma and how to respond to media inquiries. On November 30, 2015, a top Burisma executive asked for the coordination of signature letters from Devon Archer and Hunter Biden to avoid banking difficulties. On December 3, Hunter and Eric Schwerin drafted a statement for a Wall Street Journal article about Hunter’s involvement with Burisma and discussed how to handle further media inquiries. These emails indicate that Burisma was a topic of conversation leading up to the holiday party.

Connections Between Burisma and Blue Star Strategies

Upon joining Burisma, Hunter Biden reportedly connected the company with Blue Star Strategies to help fight corruption charges against the company’s founder. Blue Star Strategies was later under federal investigation for its lobbying practices and was also connected to Hunter’s foreign business deals. Emails from December 2, 2015, revealed a White House conference call discussing Joe Biden’s upcoming trip to Ukraine and addressing questions about U.S. policy toward the country. This further highlights the connection between the Biden family and Burisma.

Biden’s Calls to Root Out Corruption in Ukraine

During his visit to Ukraine, Joe Biden praised then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and emphasized the importance of rooting out corruption. Biden mentioned the “cancer of corruption” several times in his speech, raising questions about his motives in pressuring the country’s leaders to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma.


The revelation that Hunter Biden and his business partners with ties to Burisma attended a holiday party hosted by Joe Biden just after his return from Ukraine adds to the ongoing scrutiny of the Biden family’s connections to the controversial Ukrainian company. The details from records and emails reviewed by Fox News Digital raise questions about Joe Biden’s knowledge of his son’s business dealings and his role in pressuring Ukraine to take action against the prosecutor investigating Burisma. These revelations further fuel the debate surrounding Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma and its potential impact on U.S. politics.

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