Deputy Secretary Verma’s Stirring Journey to Mexico!

by Ethan Roberts
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Deputy Secretary of State Richard R. Verma strengthens ties with Mexico in combating drug trafficking and addressing migration

Deputy Secretary Verma to attend the second meeting of the Trilateral Fentanyl Committee

Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources, Richard R. Verma, will embark on a crucial visit to Mexico City and Ciudad Juárez from July 24-26. The visit aims to deepen cooperation between the United States and Mexico in combatting the synthetic drug threat, addressing migration challenges, and expanding access to lawful pathways. Deputy Secretary Verma’s trip comes as both nations recognize the urgent need for joint efforts in countering drug trafficking and ensuring regional stability.

The Trilateral Fentanyl Committee

Leading the United States delegation, Deputy Secretary Verma will join Homeland Security Advisor Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall at the second meeting of the Trilateral Fentanyl Committee. The meeting, hosted by Mexican Secretary of Security Rosa Icela Rodríguez, will bring together key officials from both countries to enhance coordination in combatting the synthetic drug threat. Fentanyl, a highly potent synthetic opioid, has led to a surge in overdose deaths in recent years.

Focus Areas of the Trilateral Fentanyl Committee

The Trilateral Fentanyl Committee will tackle various aspects related to the synthetic drug threat:

  • Drug demand and public health
  • Drug trafficking modes and methods
  • Illicit finance

Mexico City Discussions

Deputy Secretary Verma will engage in crucial discussions with Mexican government officials in Mexico City. The primary topics of conversation will include migration, forced displacement, and expanding access to lawful pathways.

Ciudad Juárez Visit

Deputy Secretary Verma’s visit will also include a trip to Ciudad Juárez, where he will meet with various stakeholders involved in migration on both sides of the border. This visit aims to foster a better understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and communities affected by migration.

Addressing Migration Challenges

Migration has been an enduring challenge for both the United States and Mexico. Deputy Secretary Verma’s visit underscores the shared commitment to finding comprehensive solutions through dialogue, cooperation, and an emphasis on expanding access to lawful pathways. By engaging with stakeholders and listening to their perspectives, Deputy Secretary Verma aims to gain valuable insights that can inform future policies and actions.


Deputy Secretary of State Richard R. Verma’s visit to Mexico City and Ciudad Juárez highlights the importance of the United States and Mexico working together to combat the synthetic drug threat and address migration challenges. Through their collective efforts, both countries aim to enhance coordination, improve public health and safety, disrupt drug trafficking networks, and create a more secure and prosperous region. Deputy Secretary Verma’s discussions and meetings with Mexican government officials and migration stakeholders will contribute to fostering mutual understanding and finding solutions to shared challenges.

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