DOJ urged to investigate Iran’s kill list

The United States is facing a serious threat from a website known as the “Mapping Project,” which is allegedly being promoted by Iran’s regime and incites assassination attacks against U.S. law enforcement personnel and American Jews. Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Mich., has raised national security alarm bells by calling on the Justice Department to investigate the ongoing efforts of the anti-American website.

Bergman has written a letter exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital, calling for immediate action. The letter states:

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Bergman”]To protect Americans’ national security interests and religious freedoms, the Justice Department should commission a full investigation into the origins and funding of the Mapping Project, including possible collaboration with the Islamic Republic.[/blockquote]

The Mapping Project is reportedly a social justice movement in the United States that aims to sew social discord and undermine public faith in American institutions. Launched in 2022, the website maintains an interactive map that pinpoints the precise geographic locations of more than 500 civil society, government, national security, religious, and community organizations in the state of Massachusetts that it claims should be ‘dismantled’ for advancing perceived ‘harms’ in the United States and in Israel. Among the entities whose precise locations are shared on the Mapping Project website are some 271 police stations, nine U.S. military bases and installations, and several Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Secret Service offices. Nearly 300 of the approximately 500 organizations mapped by the Mapping Project contribute to the nation’s national security.

Congressman Calls for Justice Department Investigation into Anti-American Website Allegedly Promoted by Iran’s Regime

The Zachor Legal Institute had released a report on the Mapping Project in March, which was endorsed by 17 additional and highly respected American NGOs, according to Bergman’s letter. The report found that Iranian elements are likely involved in the development and promotion of the Mapping Project.

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Bergman believes that the Mapping Project combines elements of far-left extremism with anti-Western and pro-Communist ideologies to demonize and attack organizations not aligned with its profoundly illiberal and un-American worldview. It often uses extremist – and sometimes violent – rhetoric to name and shame organizations that run afoul of its views.

The Mapping Project is taking place at a time when there are outbreaks of deadly antisemitic attacks in the U.S., from the mass shootings at Chabad of Poway and Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh to the recent hostage standoff at a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas. The Mapping Project is rife with antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment; an outsize number of the organizations the Mapping Project singles out are Jewish institutions, including synagogues, schools, and NGOs.

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On multiple occasions, the Mapping Project was endorsed by Iranian-owned media organization PressTV, which said that the Mapping Project should be expanded to additional states beyond Massachusetts, and by Al Mayadeen, which is affiliated with Hezbollah. Iran’s PressTV was sanctioned by the U.S. government and was reportedly involved in the torture of a Canadian-Iranian reporter for Newsweek.

Bergman wrote to the Attorney General in a bid to protect Americans’ national security interests and religious freedoms. Combining elements of far-left extremism with anti-Western and pro-Communist ideologies, Bergman is deeply troubled by the Mapping Project. He is calling on the United States Justice Department to launch a full investigation into its origins and funding, including possible collaboration with the Islamic Republic. The United States needs to take the necessary steps to prevent a disaster that could take the lives of countless innocent people, particularly in a time of ongoing social unrest and turmoil.