GOP 2024 Candidates Unite to Revive Trump’s Immigration Policy Against Biden’s Decision!

Republican Presidential Candidates Push to Restore Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Policy

Top Republican candidates for the 2024 Presidential primary have voiced their support for the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), or the “Remain in Mexico” policy which was implemented by former President Donald Trump. The policy required migrants to stay in Mexico for the duration of their immigration hearings instead of being released into the United States. Republican supporters of the policy claim that it significantly reduced fraudulent asylum claims and served to dissuade migrants from heading north. However, critics argue it was a cruel policy that put migrants at risk of violence and kidnapping while in Mexico.

The Biden administration, following through with a campaign promise to end the program, immediately took steps to shut down MPP upon assuming office. This decision led to a legal challenge by Republican-led states, who argued it was unlawful, and ultimately resulted in a Texas judge ordering the administration to reinstate the program. However, Mexico rejected any effort to reinstate it.

Republican candidates have now made the policy a key issue in their respective campaigns and have affirmed their intention to reinstate the program if elected. Former President Trump, in a recent speech, repeated his story of telling the Mexican president, “We want to have a policy of Remain-in-Mexico,” and has repeatedly expressed his disapproval of “catch-and-release” policies. Vice President Mike Pence, who announced his 2024 run this week, has also pledged to reinstate MPP.

Former Ambassador Nikki Haley, another 2024 hopeful, has also voiced her support for the policy along with other policies including completing the border wall. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has also promised to restart the program and declared that he would move on day one by declaring a national emergency and constructing a wall.

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Immigration and border security will likely remain a key issue in the 2024 campaign, with the Biden administration facing criticism from Republican-led states and legal challenges for its migrant release policy and the administration’s asylum rule.