JFK Jr. Endorses Biden, Slams RFK Jr.’s “Embarrassing” Candidacy

Jack Schlossberg Denounces Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Presidential Bid, Endorses President Biden

Kennedy Legacy and Biden’s Vision for America

Washington D.C. – The grandson of former President John F. Kennedy, Jack Schlossberg, has publicly denounced his cousin Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential bid for the 2024 White House race. Schlossberg, the son of U.S. Ambassador to Australia Caroline Kennedy, called Kennedy Jr.’s candidacy an “embarrassment” and a “vanity project” while endorsing President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

In a video posted on Instagram, Schlossberg affirmed his admiration for his grandfather’s legacy and emphasized that it goes beyond the iconic “Camelot” image and conspiracy theories. He stated, “It’s about public service and courage.” Schlossberg went on to express his belief that President Biden shares his grandfather’s vision for America, making him the ideal candidate for the next term.

President John F Kennedy was a key figure during the civil rights movement, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the historic moon landing. Schlossberg believes that Biden embodies the same spirit of tackling challenges head-on. He praised Biden as the “greatest progressive president we’ve ever had,” highlighting his commitment to civil rights and the numerous achievements during his presidency.

Biden’s Accomplishments

Schlossberg commended President Biden’s track record, citing his success in handling the COVID-19 pandemic and his tireless efforts to undo the policies of former President Donald Trump. Under Biden’s leadership, the country has experienced a boost in employment, with 13 million jobs added. Unemployment rates have reached their lowest levels in 60 years.

The Biden administration has passed significant legislation, including the largest investment in infrastructure since the New Deal and the largest investment in green energy to date. Additionally, Biden’s appointment of federal judges has surpassed any other president since Schlossberg’s grandfather’s era. The president has also fulfilled his promise to end America’s longest war and successfully navigated the country through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Kennedy’s Indifference to Key Issues

Jack Schlossberg directed criticism towards his cousin Robert F. Kennedy Jr., expressing his confusion as to why anyone would consider him fit for the presidency. Schlossberg stated, “I’ve listened to him. I know him. I have no idea why anyone thinks he should be president.” He further lamented Kennedy Jr.’s focus on “Camelot, celebrity conspiracy theories, and conflict” rather than the issues that truly matter.

In Schlossberg’s view, Kennedy Jr.’s candidacy is nothing more than a personal pursuit for gain and fame. He insisted that the focus should not be swayed by such vanity projects, urging the public to stay focused on the values and vision offered by President Biden.

A Strong Endorsement for Biden

Jack Schlossberg concluded his address by expressing his excitement to vote for Joe Biden in both the primary and general elections. He called on others to join him in supporting Biden’s re-election bid, highlighting the importance of unity and shared visions for the future. Schlossberg’s denouncement of his cousin’s campaign serves as a noteworthy statement from within the Kennedy family.

With his endorsement of Biden, Schlossberg aims to emphasize the significance of continuing the progress made during Biden’s current term. He believes that Biden’s presidency represents an opportunity to address critical issues and work towards a better future for all Americans.