RFK Jr’s Warning: CIA Threatens Assassination

Democrat Presidential Candidate Accuses CIA of Assassinating JFK

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democrat presidential candidate, recently shared his concerns about the CIA potentially targeting him for assassination if he were to win the presidency. Kennedy made these claims during a conversation with podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan. He firmly believes that the CIA was responsible for the assassination of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy. Despite being aware of the potential danger, Kennedy asserted that he doesn’t live in fear but takes precautions.

RFK JR.’s Lawsuit Exposes Alleged Media Collusion to Censor ‘Misinformation’

Alongside his claims about the CIA, Kennedy’s recent lawsuit has shed light on alleged media collusion to suppress what he refers to as “misinformation.” The lawsuit alleges that major media outlets have colluded with various fact-checking organizations to censor and discredit the information shared by Kennedy and his supporters. This revelation adds another layer to the ongoing debate over media bias and censorship.

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RFK Jr.’s Ongoing Battle for the Truth

Kennedy’s concerns about media censorship are intertwined with his long-standing battle to uncover the truth behind his uncle’s assassination. He believes there was a struggle between the military, the intelligence community, and President Kennedy during his tenure. According to Kennedy, these entities were trying to manipulate the late president into deploying troops to countries like Cuba and Vietnam.

His uncle’s deep frustration with the CIA led him to contemplate dismantling the agency. President Kennedy wanted to shatter the CIA and scatter it to the winds. These revelations have sparked debate and intrigue regarding the United States’ covert operations and the role of intelligence agencies.

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Kennedy’s Growing Popularity Poses Challenges for Biden

Despite being second in the race for the Democratic nomination, Kennedy’s consistent polling numbers and growing support have put him on President Joe Biden’s radar. While Biden appears to be the frontrunner, Kennedy’s popularity could inspire a third-party challenger who might garner enough support to dent Biden’s chances of winning the general election. The Democratic National Committee’s decision to forgo primary debates adds another layer of complexity to the race.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s claims about the CIA’s potential threat to his life if he becomes president have ignited a flurry of discussions regarding the agency’s involvement in his uncle’s assassination. Kennedy’s battle to uncover the truth and his ongoing lawsuit against media censorship highlight the challenges he faces. His popularity among voters creates a potential roadblock for President Joe Biden’s re-election bid, raising the stakes for the upcoming election. As Kennedy continues to campaign and fight for what he believes in, the country awaits the outcome of this captivating political drama.