Soros’s ‘Godfather’ move hands empire to son

Journal Press: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s enigmatic tweet “Soros 2.0” rings through the cyberspace as left-wing billionaire George Soros hands over the reigns of his $25 billion foundation to his son, Alex Soros. This power transfer is not just a family affair; it signifies a monumental shift in global politics.

From Godfather Kiss to Twitter: Orbán’s Cryptic Salvo

Orbán’s tweet, which featured a GIF from the iconic “The Godfather” movie, seems to be a not-so-veiled reference to what he perceives as the continuation of the Soros dynasty. The GIF portrays Vito Corleone passing on the torch to his son Michael, symbolizing a transfer of power. It’s noteworthy that Orbán himself was once a recipient of a Soros Foundation scholarship to Oxford University. However, he vehemently distanced himself from Soros’ globalist stance, transforming into a Hungarian nationalist and anti-communist. The tweet has given the world a sneak peek into the simmering tensions between Orbán and the Soros clan.

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The Ascendancy of Alex Soros: A New Political Powerhouse

Alex Soros, in his first interview post-announcement, claimed that he is “more political” than his father. He intends to amplify his father’s liberal objectives. Interestingly, he is committed to supporting left-leaning politicians despite his aspiration to eliminate money from politics. Alex’s statement about his concerns regarding Donald Trump potentially returning to the White House in 2024 showcases his political inclinations.

Rubbing Shoulders with Global Political Stalwarts

Recently, Alex Soros has been making headlines for his meetings with an array of high-profile political figures such as Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Furthermore, he has had discussions with members of President Joe Biden’s administration. These rendezvous have generated controversy, primarily due to the Soros family’s standing among conservative circles. When Alex took to Twitter to boast about his meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris, the conservative backlash was fierce.

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An Heir Emerges: The Younger Soros Takes The Helm

George Soros, who amassed his wealth through hedge fund management, initially did not want his progeny to take over the foundation. He believed that the foundation should be led by the most capable individual. However, he has now given his stamp of approval to his son’s vision. Though young, Alex has been involved with the foundation for several years and has the support of his family.

Soros Senior: A Divisive Figure with a Legacy

George Soros has been a staunch proponent of liberal issues such as open borders, climate change, and campaign finance reform. His participation in political campaigns across the globe has often been a subject of contention. He has been accused of endeavoring to sway election outcomes in various countries. The Soros Foundation’s global reach is extensive and known for funding progressive causes and organizations. Soros has also been at the center of numerous right-wing conspiracy theories that allege him to be part of a globalist group intent on overthrowing conventional values and institutions.

The Global Chessboard: What Does the Future Hold?

With the Soros Foundation power transitioning from George to Alex Soros, reactions have poured in from across the political spectrum, including from Orbán, a prominent Hungarian nationalist politician. Alex’s resolve to continue funding left-leaning politicians is sure to ruffle feathers in the conservative camp.

The future of global politics stands at an intriguing crossroads with the ascension of Alex Soros. As the world watches closely, questions abound. Will the ‘Soros 2.0’ era forge new alliances or deepen existing fractures? How will the new leadership of the Soros Foundation impact the geopolitical landscape?

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In conclusion, this transfer of power within the Soros Foundation is much more than a mere familial succession. It represents a potential tectonic shift in global politics and philanthropy. The world will be keenly observing the ripples created by this transition.