Trump vouches for ban on child sexual mutilation

by Ethan Roberts
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Former President Donald Trump Vows to Ban “Child Sexual Mutilation” and Cherishes Women’s Sports

In his most recent public appearance at the North Carolina Republican Party’s convention in Greensboro, former President Donald Trump expressed his strong stance against allowing biological men who identify as women from competing in female sports as it is highly “demeaning” and “unfair” to women. Trump revealed how he felt about transgender issues and called those allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports “sick” and “deranged.” He further vowed to ban “child sexual mutilation” in all 50 states if he were to be elected as president once again.

Athletic Records Being “Obliterated”

The former president raised concerns about how longstanding athletic records are being “obliterated” and that many women are suffering injuries due to the windburn that’s caused by men going much faster in the pool. Trump shared a story about a female weightlifter who could lift no more than 218 pounds, while he mocked and joked around about athletes who have transitioned from male to female winning races and breaking records.

Trump’s comments come as many conservative states have passed legislation that prohibits sex reassignment procedures such as hormone therapy and puberty blockers for minors under 18 years of age. Several states, including North Carolina, have also introduced bills to prevent transgender athletes who identify as women from competing in middle and high school sports.

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President Biden’s Critical Response

President Joe Biden criticized measures aimed at prohibiting sex changes surgeries for minors during his recent remarks. He described the efforts by some elected officials to criminalize doctors, terrifying families and targeting transgender children as being “hateful.”

Trump’s Strong Stance Against Child Sexual Mutilation

Former President Donald Trump’s vow to prohibit “child sexual mutilation” in all 50 states has been highly applauded by many. The practice is known as female genital mutilation and is common in many parts of the world, particularly in Africa. FGM is a brutal and harmful practice that involves the partial or total removal of the female external genitalia, causing significant harm to the females it is inflicted upon. It is performed on girls before they reach puberty without their consent and often leads to lifelong complications.


Former President Donald Trump has taken a strong stance against what he calls the assault on American women’s sports by transgender athletes. He revealed how women’s athletic records are being obliterated, and many women are being injured due to the windburn caused by the men going much faster. Trump’s vow to ban child sexual mutilation in all 50 states has also been highly acclaimed, with many people agreeing with his stance to protect vulnerable females faced with such brutal procedures. As the debate on transgender sports rages on, it remains unclear how the issue will be resolved soon.

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