United States Increases Sanctions Against Russia to End War in Ukraine

by Ethan Roberts
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Journal Press: The United States continues to take a firm stance against Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine by increasing sanctions on President Putin’s regime. Today, the Department of State announced financial sanctions on several individuals, ministers, entities, and organizations for their roles in supporting Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

This move comes as part of the United States’ efforts to pressure Russia into ending its aggression in Ukraine and respecting its sovereignty and territorial integrity. The sanctions are being imposed pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 14024, which authorizes sanctions with respect to specified harmful foreign activities of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Financial Sanctions

The Department is designating several individuals, ministers, and entities for their roles in operating or having operated in the financial services sector of the Russian Federation economy or being or having been a leader, official, senior executive officer, or member of the board of directors of the Government of the Russian Federation.

One of the individuals being sanctioned is Aleksey Olegovich Chekunkov, the Minister of Far East and Arctic Development, for his involvement in Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine. Also being targeted is Joint Stock Company Argus Holding, a company owned by Anna Borisovna Surovikina, the wife of General Sergey Surovikin, who previously oversaw Russia’s illegal war against Ukraine.

Limited Liability Companies Iskusstvo Krasoty and Rudniy are also being designated for being owned or controlled by Surovikina.

Individuals Targeted

Several governors and heads of the regional governing bodies of the Russian Federation are being sanctioned for their role in conscripting citizens to fight in Ukraine. Among them are Igor Yuryevich Babushkin, Governor of the Astrakhan region, and Yuriy Vasilyevich Bezdudniy, Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Area.

Also being targeted are Valentina Lvovna Kazakova, Head of the Main Directorate for Migration Affairs, responsible for issuing Russian Federation passports to individuals in temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, and Anatoliy Vyacheslavovich Razinkin, the First Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

Entities Targeted

State Unitary Enterprise State Grain Operator is targeted for its role in facilitating grain theft and waging war or administering occupied territory on behalf of the Russian Federation. The organization was created by the Russia-backed illegitimate military-civilian administration of Zaporizhzhya to handle stolen grain in Ukraine.

In addition, Joint Stock Company Argus SFK is being designated for being owned or controlled by Argus Holding and is tied to dealings with companies owned by SDN-listed oligarch Gennadiy Timchenko. Limited Liability Companies STK, Golfesteit, and Laifinvest are also being designated for being owned or controlled by or having acted for or on behalf of Viktor Borisovich Khristenko.


The United States is committed to supporting Ukraine and holding Russia accountable for its aggression towards its neighbor. These sanctions are intended to increase pressure on the Russian government to end its war against Ukraine and respect its sovereignty.

The Department of State’s actions serve as a reminder that the United States and its allies will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure that Russia pays a price for its destabilizing activities in Ukraine and elsewhere. The Russian Federation must cease its hostile actions against Ukraine and work towards a peaceful and diplomatic solution to the conflict.

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