Newsom Rallies for Biden in Idaho, Supports Banned Books

Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom Celebrates Bookstore Combatting Book Bans

During a recent trip to Idaho, Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom took the opportunity to visit Rediscovered Books, a bookstore that claims to sell “banned” books. Newsom, a vocal critic of book bans, commended the store owners for their efforts in pushing back against what they see as a concerning trend of censorship sweeping the country.

A Record-High Number of Book Challenges

In a tweet on Sunday, Newsom highlighted the concerning increase in book bans, stating that there have been over 1,200 challenges in the last year alone. This figure is nearly double the previous record from 2021. Accompanying the tweet was a video of Newsom exploring Rediscovered Books, showcasing the store’s bumper sticker reading, “Stick it to the ban. Read banned books,” and a sign urging patrons to read these banned books.

According to an April report, nearly 1,500 books were “banned” in the first half of the 2022-2023 school year across the nation. Many of these bans have been driven by conservatives who argue against what they perceive as attempts to indoctrinate children with books on race, racism, and LGBTQ ideology. The majority of book bans have occurred in red states, reflecting a partisan divide on the issue.

Newsom’s Message of Resistance

Gavin Newsom, known for his progressive views, has been a vocal critic of book bans and restrictions. His visit to Rediscovered Books in Idaho during his campaign for President Biden was seen as an opportunity to deliver his liberal message to residents of a traditionally conservative state. However, Newsom’s frequent appearances in red states and his liberal agenda are viewed by some as contributing factors to the exodus of Californians seeking alternatives away from his policies and leadership.

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Book Bans and Political Ambitions

As Governor Newsom participates in campaigns in support of President Biden, speculation arises about his own political aspirations for the 2024 presidential race. Recent polls indicate that a majority of Americans, including Democrats, do not want President Biden to run for a second term. While Newsom has expressed confidence in Biden’s leadership, his actions on the campaign trail suggest a potential rivalry with the president in the coming election.


Gavin Newsom’s visit to Rediscovered Books in Idaho highlights his opposition to book bans and censorship, particularly in red states. Newsom’s actions during his political campaigns may hint at his future presidential ambitions and his efforts to distinguish himself as a progressive alternative in the 2024 presidential race.